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About Our Prices

The prices of the locks and locksmith services may vary because of the following factors:

  1. Hour of the call

    Of course, a big factor would be the hour of the call. So, you can expect a slightly different price if you are calling for a locksmith out of the normal woking hours.

  2. Your Location

    If you are calling from an area we are not covering, we can take your job and help if we have availability. But because of the travel time the price might be different than the basic price.

  3. The Brand and the Security Level of the Lock

    The brand of the lock is important when it comes to both opening and replacing a lock. Therefore, the brand of the lock and the security level of the lock will definitely affect the price of our service. Please note, a high-security lock usually can’t be open simple and it will require power tools.

Guide Prices 2023

Fix LockSimple:
£59 / hour / lock
Open Bike Lock / Padlock£59 / £69 / £89 (depending on location and hour)
Mailbox Locks / Cabines LocksStarting from £39 (depending on the level of security of the lock)
Open Door Emergency AccessSimple : £59 / lockPower Tools required: £90 – £200 : the price may vary ( brand and standard of the lock)
Emergency Safe Unlock Simple Open: £110High Security Hard Open: starting from £250
Emergency Lock ChangeLabour Replacement : £59 / lock / hourNew Lock Installation: £69 / lock / hour, lock supplied by usNew Lock Installation: from £85 if the costumer has his own lock (with exact measurements for a proper installation)
(price depending on brand, security level or special requests)
Standard: a wide range of locks
starting from £50 (the locksmith has everything with him – he will present all the options available)
Medium Security: a wide range of locks starting from £95 (the locksmith will present all the options available for your door on spot)High Security, Mul-T-Lock, COG and Costum-Made Cylinders: starting from £185
Night Latches (price depending on brand, security level or special requests)Standard: the basic options are starting from £75British Standard Night Latch starting from £160 (depending a lot on the brand and the specific requests)Heavy Duty Night Latch: starting from £250
Mortice LocksInterior door security: starting from £63Front Door Security (British Standard – Insurance approved): starting from £135Heavy Duty Mortice Locks: starting from £275
Special Prices: Banham Locks
* a discount could apply for more Banham locks.
Old Banham Locks: £255 – £690 (depending on the part you need to replace/install)New Banham Locks: Banham Cylinders, Latches, Deadlocks – £385 – £895 (depending on the part you need to replace/install)Extra restricted key: £35 / key
*prices are not VAT included

Please note:

We are trying to give guide prices for the jobs in advance, when it’s possible and when we have all the information about your particular situation. Because the premises are always different and unpredictable, the price will go up or down from one door to another. So, when it comes to locksmithing, it’s hard to offer a fixed price upfront. But, just so you know, our locksmiths are trying the simple methods first, if it is the case. Our goal is to keep both the prices and the time our locksmith will spend on-site as low as possible.

Also, really important, if the locksmith will travel to your address and you decide not to proceed with the service anymore, you will have to pay a cancellation fee of £48. Definitely, the time is the most valuable asset of our locksmiths that are working around the clock – they are all working 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Payment Methods

We are happy to announce that we can take payments for our services ON THE SPOT (Cash, Card, Bank Transfer or Online Payment). Therefore, the locksmith will collect the payment for the job and you can choose to pay however it’s more convenient for you. Of course, you will get an invoice / receipt after the job is done.

  • Update: Contactless Payments Available 24 hours to Stop the Spread of Covid-19!
  • Quick Online Payment With the Locksmith on Spot.
  • We can also take Cash.
  • All the payments are made with your Locksmith at the end of each job.
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